BANKRUPT - Dr. Albert Flipout's one CAN band

4 Dec 2012

From the Album "NORTH OF AFRICA" ..... Video: Harry Lagoussis

I come from a land somewhere north of Africa, a land of many tribes
It's a land in default and that surely ain't my fault, I maybe broke but I still got my pride
An American Jew told me what to do and he told me in pretty good time
His voice had this tint, as if he just had a mint to delete the smell of organized crime
He said "this place is going down you'd better leave this town, you'd better leave this country for good

Can't Find My Pills

8 Nov 2011

This is "Dr. Albert Flipout's one CAN band" first Official Video Clip. After months of hard work and thousands of euros spent, almost a whole year after the album was released, it's finally ready... enjoy!!!!


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