BLUES & CO Autrements blues Mickey Pantelous

12 Dec 2004

December 2004 BLUES & CO Autrements blues Mickey Pantelous An 8-title demo coming directly from… Greece.

Yes, the blues scene there really rocks and is certainly appreciated by the gods, considering the quality of this demo.

The demo contains titles from 1994 to 2001, composed exclusively by Mr. Mickey.

The introduction is made with “I feel I wanna Cry”, a slow electric blues song.

The rest is a succession of titles strolling with care through roots, ragtime and Delta.

A mandolin, a guitar here and a harmonica there, a bit of kazoo, create an “ensemble” exuding authenticity.

Mickey Pantelous announces an excellent album for the year to come.

If you ask me, I hope to see him next summer, onstage in a festival here in France, he deserves it…

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