Joyce (Lyric Video)

3 Dec 2016

Sketch: Daniel Goudelis
Animation/Video: Yannis Ntousiopoulos
From the album: Don't you Call my Name

BANKRUPT - Dr. Albert Flipout's one CAN band

4 Dec 2012

From the Album "NORTH OF AFRICA" ..... Video: Harry Lagoussis

I come from a land somewhere north of Africa, a land of many tribes
It's a land in default and that surely ain't my fault, I maybe broke but I still got my pride
An American Jew told me what to do and he told me in pretty good time
His voice had this tint, as if he just had a mint to delete the smell of organized crime
He said "this place is going down you'd better leave this town, you'd better leave this country for good
You see the E.U. owes the U.S. who owes to the P.R.C, so the Chinese will be coming in soon" 
Now I'm still around here, living in fear, crying over my dead career
We all have a dream I'm sure you know what I mean, but I'm not sure if we all have the means

Bankrupt, dead broke, no hope where do we take it from here

Jo was on his truck when he ran out of luck somewhere in the Middle East
He was heading out west, looking for success, now he's hung his head down and thinks
'bout who led him there why he's in despair, why everything is such a mess
He's been lied to a lot willingly or not he'd never believe the truth if it was told to him
The truth is Jo is an ass, so full of gas ignorant and out of pride
He's been looking to the left, he's been looking to the right, but he's never had a look inside

Bankrupt, dead broke, no hope where do we take it from here

It's easy to abuse someone dazed and confused especially if you don't care
I'm talking 'bout THE FIRM, burn babe burn, making a profit out of peoples despair 
It's a case of unite, stand up and fight instead of being divided and ruled
But personal interest comes above all and someone else is having a ball
Politicians on T.V. are lying people on their knees are crying
They've been tricked in to getting a loan, now they're losing their home
Hard times people everywhere I go, these hard times will last us so very long.

You Gotta Moo....wmv

16 Jun 2012

Dr. Albert Flipout and Mickey Pantelous performing Fred McDowell and Rev. Gary Davis song "You Gotta Move" rearranged for Cows......

Can't Find My Pills

8 Nov 2011

This is "Dr. Albert Flipout's one CAN band" first Official Video Clip. After months of hard work and thousands of euros spent, almost a whole year after the album was released, it's finally ready... enjoy!!!!


20 Jun 2011

Interview with Mickey Pantelous and Albert Flipout about their new CD "Can't find my pills"


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